This article from the Mail Tribune is a classy feature about a “gold rush” in the local river (with gold priced at $1,250/oz, you might as well try). It’s amazing how well they manage to emulate a TV broadcast bit in print. (Ugh).

“I don’t go under water real good,” he said with a laugh.

Marchisella’s son, Julius, is an experienced member of the crew. The 17-year old said he wears up to three wet suits to protect his lean frame from the river’s cold, rushing water while using one of the floating dredges to suck gravel from nooks and crannies under large boulders.

“They call ’em pickers because they’re smaller than nuggets. But you can still pick ’em up,” said Julius, adding the Marchisella crew has sucked up a lot of lead shot, glass, trash and other metals.

“We’ve found bags of fishing lures. And even some socks,” the teen said.