Looks like The Daily Astorian earned a new tipster this week, a 71-year-old who is moving into town and ready to clean up the city.

Future resident alerts city leaders to grafitti

Jeff Talbert was walking his dog near the community center in Warrenton, when he came across some picnic tables that left the 71-year-old grandfather in awe.

“I was appalled. I’ve never seen anything like it,” he said.

What Talbert saw was graffiti. And not your average “So-and-so was here” graffiti. But names, first and last, of children, followed by a variety of profanities and personal information.

“Kids are carving other kids’ names on the tables, about girls being lesbians, sleeping around, and boys’ names with words about them and with pictures of boys’ body parts,” he said. “And it’s right across the street from the playground, a playground for younger kids who could see that. A 6-year-old can read it themselves and they shouldn’t have to see that. The kids who are carved into it are victims, in my opinion.”

Come on, teens, you know you should be writing that stuff on the Internet. Not outside where children or the elderly could read it.

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