If you do not have ad blocker, you may recognize this woman as the one who shows up in online ads all over the Internet.

At first I thought she might be a fake news reporter who actually reported on whatever products she’s hawking.

But actually, she’s a real news anchor. Her name is Mélissa Theuriau.

Theuriau became an internet sensation for being a hot hot lady. There is a video of her broadcasts with sexy music called “beautiful news anchor” that apparently went viral a while back (I somehow missed this). As a result of that, and assorted photos fans posting of her, she is now a top result when you search google images for “news reporter.”

This, I suspect, is how it all went wrong. Now Theuriau’s face promises $20 iPads, miracle cures and investigative reports on Acai berries.

Ah well, as long as we’re all making money.