Salem man faces abuse charges after dog kills bunny

A dog kills a bunny in a park: that’s no reason for arrest.

But this asshole ORDERED his dog to TORTURE a bunny IN FRONT OF A GROUP OF YOUNG GIRLS and then MOCKED THEM.

That’s gross.

This post isn’t funny, sorry guys.


Bounty hunter now on the trail of teen ‘barefoot bandit’

The article doesn’t really explain the actual awesome parts of this story. How do you get the name ‘barefoot bandit’? How much work does a bounty hunter in Oregon get? But the article does provide you with the excellent image of a bounty hunter giving a presentation to a crowd of 200 in a high school gym.

Facebook, Twitter spark eastern Washington party mayhem

How did they do this? There are so many people here! That they invited…. from the Internet!!

A party in Manson ballooned from 100 to 500 people in less than an hour thanks to publicity on Facebook and Twitter.

Sgt. Rob Huddleston says this was the first time he was aware social networking had such an impact on a party in the area.

From the Oregonian.

Rogue Valley hosts Chinese

Southern Oregon is all excited about a visit from two Chinese delegations who will be visiting local business and tourism locations. Unfortunately, no part of the visit involved educating the local reporters about Chinese history.

The weekend visit fulfills a long-standing goal for Rep. Dennis Richardson, R-Central Point, who joins Rep. Peter Buckley, D-Ashland, and Rep. Sal Esquivel, R-Medford, on the steering committee.


The great leap forward in Chinese tourism came in December 2007 when the U.S. Travel Association was able to sign a memo of understanding, allowing it to market the country as a leisure travel destination.

From the Southern Oregon Mail Tribune.

Hey lady! Watch out for the hose

It’s just a letter. But I really love that this was a print headline.

‘Deadliest Catch’ star faces a new reality: prison

Get it? Guys? Do you get it?

Mystery man refuses to reveal identity

This man is going to be really difficult to identify if we don’t know who he is. Because it’s a mystery!

Cycle-rider burgles archery shop

I want to know what this guy is planning.

A motorcycle-riding burglar broke into Dewclaw Archery early Monday morning and made off with four pairs of binoculars and a rangefinder, Medford police reported.


The bike was described as a small “Ninja-style” motorcycle. The man wore a helmet, police reports said.

From the Mail Tribune.